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The FMolina-Lopez Research Lab team is working on the design, fabrication and characterization of printed, organic/inorganic flexible electronics. Our vision is to develop new materials and processes to harvest and store energy from large-area and curved surfaces. We are also interested on developing sensors and actuators based on additive manufacturing. We will apply the outcome of our multidisciplinary research to open up new applications in autonomous and wearable systems for biomedicine & the IoT.


  • Oct. 2020. A PhD position in collaboration with IMEC (CSC-IMEC-KU Leuven scholarship) is open in printed thin-film micro-supercapacitors for flexible autonomous multi-sensor platforms for the IoT. Note: This project is only for Chinese citizens who must apply to the CSC grant. Deadline: Dec. 15th. More info here.

  • Sept. 2020. Francisco got awarded the ERC starting grant to work on the project 3D ALIGN: Enhancing the performance of 3D-printed organic thermoelectrics by electric field-assisted molecular alignment. 


Department of Materials Engineering (MTM)

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