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Welcome to the FMolina-Lopez research group website!

The FMolina-Lopez Research Lab team is working on the design, fabrication and characterization of printed, organic/inorganic flexible electronics. Our vision is to develop new materials and processes to harvest and store energy from large-area and curved surfaces. We are also interested in developing sensors and actuators based on additive manufacturing. We will apply the outcome of our multidisciplinary research to open up new applications in autonomous and wearable systems for biomedicine & the IoT.



  • July 2022. Welcome to the group to our new Ph.D. candidate: Isidro Florenciano Cano!                                           

  • June 2022. The group attended and presented their research at CIMTEC 2022 (Perugia/Italy)                                                                 

  • July 2022. We are hiring! If you are a highly-motivated Ph.D/postdoc candidate interested in working on printable organic thermoelectric for flexible generators, please check more info here.   

  • Mar. 2022. We attended the KU Leuven Infodag 2022 and inspired the scientists and engineers of the future with thermoelectricity.

  • Jan. 2022. Our new EOS project CONNECT has officially started. We will explore the potential of spin caloritronics in Weyl semimetals for cooling applications.

  • Dec. 2021. Our research topic, Printed and Flexible Thermoelectrics, has been highlighted by the journal Matter (Cell Press) as one of the 35 challenges in materials science being tackled by PIs under 35(ish) in 2021! Check the article here.

  • Mar. 2021. Anisotropy in printed thermoelectric materials can make a big difference! Check here our latest review about it in Nanoscale.

  • Prof. Zhenan Bao from Stanford University is one of the 2021 KU Leuven honorary doctors. She was nominated by Francisco. Congrats Zhenan! See the official intro and interview video here.​

  • Dec. 2020. Our new IEEE Sensors conference papers on printed thermoelectrics are out now! Check them here. ​

  • Dec. 2020. A consortium led by Prof. B. Van Hooreweder, of which we are also part, just received KU Leuven funds to acquire a new laser 3D printer that will allow us to further explore the additive manufacturing of inorganic thermoelectrics. Thanks to the consortium members and to the KU Leuven Research Council! 

  • Sept. 2020. Francisco got awarded the ERC starting grant to work on the project 3D ALIGN: Enhancing the performance of 3D-printed organic thermoelectrics by electric field-assisted molecular alignment. ​



2023 MRS Spring meeting, April 2023 (San Francisco): Francisco is organizing the symposium L18: Material, Device, and Fabrication Innovations for Flexible, Stretchable, and Printed Electronics. The group will be there!